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We'd like to take a few minutes to chat with you about the rising costs of vet care and care in general for the care of these precious animals in our rescue and other rescues as well.

There are a few other things we will be discussing too.

We know that some people believe we all make money, but rescues, if done right do not make any money. Everyone involved are unpaid volunteers! Volunteers are people who have jobs, families and other activities. Just like other people we have family emergencies, if we are lucky maybe a vacation.

OK, vet costs for a healthy dog or puppy....

*Vaccinations: Rabies $25

DHPPV $35 x 2 for adults 4 for puppies adults $70 puppies $140


*Microchips: $25

*Registration of microchip:$13


Under 20lbs female spay is $200 and male neuter is $170.

21-40lbs Female spay is $240 and male neuter is $195.

41-59lbs Female spay is $280 and male neuter is $230.

60-79lbs Female spay is $350 and male neuter is $260.

80-99lbs Female spay is $400 and male neuter is $320.

These prices do not include pain medications $25 and a cone $27.


There are also charges for females in heat, an obese dog and cryptorchid males. Cryptorchid males, depending on whether it's one side or both and how far they Dr has to go in to find the undescended testicles can cost $500 or more.

*Dewormer is $2.50 a dose puppies usually get 3 doses before adoption. $7.50

*Flea and tick treatment is from $15-$60 (depends on what is used)

*These costs do not include the puppy pads, diapers for special needs dogs, of which we always have a few. All of the cleaners and ointments needed to keep their skin healthy under those diapers. Some of these dogs HAVE to have special diets which are costly. Just regular food has risen in price and they all have to eat. Some of these dogs are long term fosters because of their special needs or special attitudes and have to me working with. There is no state or local funding for rescues.

These are just the basic needs, there is non stop cleaning of the houses, laundry is endless and needs to be done. So you have non toxic cleaners and disinfectants. Laundry soap and bleach. Gas to pick up dogs, take them to the vet and events....are you starting to understand the endless need for help?

NOW- Lets talk about the rude behavior of people calling in because they found a dog or they are dumping a dog and expect us to take every dog because we are a rescue, this is happening to EVERY rescue out there. We are VOLUNTEERS that do as much as we possibly can, we are tired and heartbroken every day because we just can't take a dog. If you yell at us, it isn't going to change our minds....we have no room or the finances to take in any more animals. Rescues are just as frustrated as you are, back yard breeders and people who don't fix their animals are responsible for the situation we are in. So please have patience with us, don't yell at us.....

Adoptable Pets

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